A Trivial Extra in a Dating SimChapter 139

.Opening my eyes, I found my soul synced into the popular dating sim game, Midnight'! And although I was clearly one of the female protagonists, I possessed the body of Evenes Harin, the saint treated like a trivial extra. What's worse is that I must

Online Game Nakama to Sashi Off shitara Shokuba no Onijoushi ga Kita.Vol.2 Chapter 22
DramaComedyRomanceShounen ai

Boss in real life, gaming partner onlineBrushing by each other at top speedHashimoto, an average salaryman, works under the harsh leadership of his high-spec cum handsome demon boss, Shirase-san, day by day. The only thing Hashimoto looks forward to

Boutique at 97th Sheldon StreetChapter 80

.After regaining her senses, Yoo-Eun finds herself inside a game! No logging out! No inventory! All she can do is design clothes?!While struggling with her reality of being in a survival game, Yoo Eun arrives at the boutique on Sheldon Street and enc

A bellicose lady got reincarnated!? ~It's an impossibly hard game where I would die if I don't fall in love MangaChapter 6.2

Is this seriously the world of a "game"? If I don't romance one of the yanderes, I would die!?Before my reincarnation, I was a former delinquent and a top-class brawler who was once called the "Crimson Rose" or the Crimson Demon", who had gathered th

After being deported from the country, I became the 4th enchanter in the worldChapter 11

Having lived a useless 30 years of his life, the main character (Saito Jinkuro) is hit by a truck. When he wakes up, he enters the body of "Dzink Norland", the 14-year-old son of an aristocrat who served as his Highness' escort. But due to the lack o

Sunken FishChapter 25
DramaShounen aiWebtoon

.The emotional entanglement between Lin ChenXiu, a video gamer captain, with a gloomy childhood, and Yu Moxiang, a dedicated and enthusiastic team player. The story begins with the two bravely fighting forward in a team that is not being favored.

Another World Nation Archimaira: The Weakest King and his Unparalleled ArmyChapter 13-1

Herian was the top player in the nation-building VR game "Tactics Chronicle" when he was transported to the country he built himself in the game. There, he met the great magical beast army that possessed his own ego as well as his unmatched former NP

Game of GodslayerChapter 23
Shounen ai

Chen Ou is a very ordinary student. He doesn't have a gorgeous appearance, excellent academic performance or close relationship with classmates. And then one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of him. Something strange is implanted in his body b

VR HEROChapter 65
ActionMartial arts

The main character, who has a very bad life in real life, experiences a 180-degree shift in his circumstances after entering the virtual world Bitworld. Manjae was actually paying a hefty price even if he is glad to have become the strongest and to h

Manuke na FPS Player ga Isekai e Ochita Baai Manuke FPSChapter 24.2

The protagonist is a player of a VRMMOFPS game who ends up falling off the map, and ends up being transported to a fantasy world retaining his in game equipment and user interface.

The Ideal Saint? Too Bad, Here's the Fake Saint! ~Reincarnated as a Villain Derided as the Shitshow of the Year~Chapter 28-2

[The Eternal Scattering Flowers: Fiore Caduto Eterna] is a game ill-suited of being known as a galge, as the main heroine would regardless of the chosen route meet her demise.Fudou Niito, a resident of Japan, went to bed dissatisfied with the endin

The Honest Life of a Game StudioChapter 26

.I, Anan Naoyoshi, joined Last Boss Korin, Co. in pursuit of Nobu-san, the game planner I've long admired. Things, however, are sour between us.Our strained relationship aside, the two of us went on an overseas business trip. But then whyyyyy are we

I Picked This World's Strategy Guide!Chapter 12-5

Sana, the daughter of a tool shop in a corner of the castle town, went out to the forest to pick medicinal herbs as usual in order to make recovery potions for the store's products.There, Sana picks up her mysterious book.Because she read the strateg

Demon's CageChapter 45

Demon's Cage

There’s no way that my clan has a female playerChapter 22

Li Ning, a nerd, is a veteran player of the [Star Trails] MMORPG., but due to all of his clan members being male characters, his clan is called the [ Gay clan]. Even though he's embarrassed about the title given to them, Li Ning found out that he is

ChildminderVol.1 chapter 12
Shounen ai

One day Hyun gets chosen to test out a parenting game called Childminder. He thought the game would be easy because all he had to do was be a good father to a very cute child named Mir. Childminder is a tale of the hardships of parenting, even in a g

Demons' CrestChapter 31

In the year 2031, in which elementary school student Yuma Ashihara participates in a beta test of the world's first full-dive VRMMO-RPG called "Actual Magic (AM)", only to lose consciousness while playing and wake up in a world where the game and rea

Arknights: 123 Rhodes Island!?Chapter 136

I Exploit BugsChapter 23

Deokure Tamer no SonohigurashiChapter 3

World's Strongest Invalid SwordsmanChapter 3.2

Testing 112037Chapter 6.3

Shade of ArcanaChapter 48.01

When the real world (and its dependence on Artificial Technology) is nearly destroyed by evil software, there is only one source of hope left for mankind Genesis Facility, deep in the Pacific Ocean. This lab houses a VR gaming world, where human con

I Got Reincarnated as a Cat, but Since I’m Bored, I Play VRMMOs With Gamer GirlsChapter 6

I am a cat. My name is Nanahoshi. In my previous life, my name was Hokuto Kurokawa. I lost my life in an unexpected accident. I was then reincarnated, not as a human, but as a cat...! Moreover, not in another world, but in the same world just several

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Fantastic Days!Chapter 11
Lucky RookieChapter 92

Fire Emblem EngageChapter 14

Fire Emblem EngageFire Emblem Engage mangabuddy

Azur Lane Smile Dish!Chapter 10

Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star 4-KomaChapter 8
What If the Ultimately Evolved Full Dive RPG was a Crappier Game than RealityChapter 1

What If the Ultimately Evolved Full Dive RPG was a Crappier Game than RealityIn an unexpected turn of events, dull high school student Hiro Yuuki obtains the full dive role-playing game Kiwame Quest. Created by the best of technology, the game claims

Reincarnated In a Cursed GameChapter 3

I found myself trapped in the game I created. However, in order to escape, I need to unlock a hidden ending that even I am not aware ofanother good

AWM PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsChapter 9

E-Sports Star Qi Zui (Drunk) x New and Dashing Yu Yang (Youth) join forces to create a hot-blooded legend! The veteran never dies, and the knowledge is passed on from generation to generation! An inspirational & heartwarming story of e-sports star Qi


EVERSOULA promotional webtoon for the 2023 gacha game "EVERSOUL".In a world where all myths are real, magical beings called Souls are born from Eversouls spirits living in old but treasured artifacts and live eternal lives as invisible representati

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin – Gods of IkusadataraChapter 11

Gods of Ikusadatara will tell a different story from the original game. Sakuna discovers a mysterious berry while hunting for food ingredients. When Sakuna opens the berry, she finds twin babies that will drastically change her daily life.Published f